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Thanksgiving meal was a success

It is such an amazing experience to spend the holidays serving the Lord and our community! This Thanksgiving we were able to partner with The Street Kitchen Food Truck and deliver delicious thanksgiving dinners to those in need. The plates had all the yummy treats included in it. We served turkey, stuffing with gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and a roll!

We were able to deliver and serve 122 meals to people who had no other option for this holiday. Along with the help of the 27 volunteers that came out to help us, it ended up being a fun and amazing night!

Not only did we deliver people a hot meal, but we took the opportunity to pray with them and spend the time to show God’s love. Especially during a time when most people need the reminder that God loves them and is always there for them!

We’re so beyond thankful for The Street Kitchen and all of our volunteer’s hard work to make a night like this possible! Please remember to pray for the less fortunate this holiday season, and show the love of Christ wherever He may take you.

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