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Blessing cards ministry

Have you heard about our newest way to give to our ministry, BLESSING CARDS?

This is a way for your to donate and help out our ministry by sending gift cards to us and we use them to bless the people that we minister to! It is a way for our supporters to give anonymously and YOUR gift goes directly to those in need! Whenever you're out and about you can easily pick up a gift card for whatever amount you desire and simply drop it in the mail to us. You're able to be a blessing to our ministry and to those we assist.

Examples of gift cards:


Dollar General


Visa gift cards


Burger King


Once you purchase the gift card you can mail it to our office at

Unsheltered International

PO Box 2625

Cullman, AL 35056

This is a great way to help someone and receive a blessing as well! Thank you for your support.

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