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Christmas for the Children

Hey there,

For the last six years it has been our joy to help provide food and presents for the precious children who are enrolled in our children’s meal centers in the Philippines.

April and I have had the opportunity to be there for some of these celebrations and it is so awesome to see the happiness on their faces as they receive these gifts that are so rare to them. This year, our team has selected 400 kids who will benefit from these blessings of food, clothing and other items.

We plan to send the funds over to our Filipino team on the second week of December and we need your help to make it wonderful. A gift of any amount will be a real blessing because these children are very poor and their families, for the most part, cannot provide special things during the holidays.

Our team has all the plans in place and they will begin to purchase everything that is needed as soon as we send the funds. A great idea is to consider adopting a child or two as part of your own Christmas giving this year. It will take $13 per child and their entire family will benefit from the gift.

We have already received $1,700 towards our $5,200 goal. Would you be willing to help one, or a few families enjoy these blessings this year?

Click here to give your gift via Paypal or search @unsheltered to give via Venmo.

Thanks so much,

Travis Sharpe

P.S. Here are a few pictures for this week in our meal centers. These are some of the children who will receive gifts.

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