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Hurricane Ida aid

As we all know by now, Hurricane Ida ripped through Louisiana a couple days ago leaving a large path of destruction behind. Wind damage and flooding have caused billions of dollars worth of problems and will impact thousands of lives for the next several months.

New Orleans was impacted and we have spoken with the pastors who we partner with there for resource clinics and ministry to the unsheltered. Some of them have requested our help as they are going to be rebuilding and helping others in their immediate vicinity rebuild.

If you would like to help, you can donate to our fund by clicking on the link below. We will be sending these funds directly to the churches so that they can distribute relief goods to those in need as they see fit. We might take a load of supplies down in the coming weeks but for now we want to be able to help them financially.

They are running generators because of the lack of power and it looks like that could continue for quite some time. Please help us pray for our friends, especially those who are suffering on the streets with no real place to call home anyway. Our gifts are an extension of the grace of God to them while they are hurting.

Thank you,

Travis Sharpe

Click here to donate!

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