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Ministry update 1-16-2024

This week’s update is about the tiny-home village project. The Lord has blessed and we are finally ready to start setting houses!

All of the grading on the middle road has been completed, meaning that the road, parking areas, and first five house pads are complete. Of course, gravel for these areas will come later after sewer lines and water lines have been installed.

We will still have to install two septic systems, the office, and all the electrical infrastructure before we open, but there’s nothing stopping us now from working on the houses. The houses will be pre-fabbed units that come to us as a complete shell, lite a storage building. Then, we will rely on volunteer labor to help build out the inside. 

The inside construction will include building the bathroom and kitchen, ceilings, flooring, shiplap on the walls, all electrical and plumbing, and more. 

We can work on all these things as we also work on the other infrastructure needs mentioned above. We’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point and we are praising God for where we are. 

Please continue to pray for progress on this important project. 

P.S. Our annual live benefit is fast approaching. It will be Thursday, March 7th from 7-10 pm EST on our Facebook page. Please pray for the Lord to bless this effort to help fund all our ministries. 

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