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Ministry Update 11-12-20

Hope you all are doing well today. We have been busy here in Cullman working on the tiny-home village project and ministering to several unsheltered friends who live nearby. I’d like to tell you a few details about both.

Monday at our ministry warehouse

This past Monday was a great day of helping some truly needy people. We had four people here for showers, food and clothes. All four of them are currently unsheltered and living in cars. All of them also suffer with severe mental illness and fall into a very vulnerable category of homelessness because they don’t function well without real help.

One dear lady who came on Monday, hadn’t had a bath or change of clothes in several weeks. Our volunteers patiently and lovingly assisted her. It took more than two hours just to get her bathed and in clean clothing. We have been trying to convince her to let us help for over three months now and Monday was the first time she allowed us to really help. She got a shower, new clothes, some food, and a lice treatment. Please pray for clarity of mind for her so that the gospel can be understood.

These four friends are good examples of why we feel such urgency with the Village project we are working on. Once the Village is in full swing, we will be able to make a big dent in this vulnerable population of the unsheltered.

Village update

This week we continued to clear some trees and underbrush, do survey work, and put up our sign. At this point in the game, everything is dependent on everything else. The survey should be finished real soon, which will enable us to begin work on the master site plan. We are only clearing in small increments until we finish the site plan and have a good idea about where all the structures will go.

All of the land clearing that has been done so far has been donated. The survey work is also being donated. The Lord continues to put people in our path to help move the project along. Please pray as we have an environmentalist coming soon to look things over and give us guidance in those regards.

Please also pray for the remaining funds needed for phase one. The goal is $343,000. We have raised $23,890 which leaves $319,110 left to raise. (These numbers do not include what was raised for the land purchase.)

Our new brochure

We have a very attractive new brochure detailing this project and we would be happy to mail you a copy. We can also mail you several to be shared with family and friends. Email Tara at to request some today!

God bless you and thanks for your continued prayers and support. See the pictures below for progress on the Village property.

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