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Ministry update 11-3-2022

Blessing from this week

Earlier this week, our outreach specialist, Tim Klein, had the opportunity to lead a lady to the Lord while he was talking with her about getting the help she needed. Tim is always ready to share the gospel and we are grateful for that.

Sarah, Jason, and I were also happy to speak with a lady whom the sheriff's office brought to us. She had lost her place to live and became stranded. Sarah took the lead in sharing Christ with her before we helped her get on a bus and go back home to Indiana. Like Tim, Sarah does a superb job of witnessing to people and leading them to the Lord every chance she gets.

Food pantry need

Our food pantry is running a little low this month and we could use help restocking before the holiday season arrives. We can use any non-perishable's and also items like peanut butter, cereal bars, oatmeal, stove top stuffing, and so on. Just contact us if you are local and would like to help out.

Village progress

Construction at the Village is moving along well. The entire front of the property along Hwy 278 is now cleared and ready for our main entrance to be constructed. This is a $60,000 step and we have hired a local construction company to do this part. They should be starting this week.

We have made great progress in the back of the property clearing and burning. It is maybe 30% done. We are focusing on the areas where roads will go for now. We will continue to work steadily on this for the next few months.

Some of the Pro 127 guys from Temple Baptist Church (our home church) came out a couple weeks ago and framed up offices inside our double wide office trailer that we will be moving on site soon. They did great and put us ahead of schedule for the office. Scott Campbell is heading that up for us. An electrical engineer has volunteered to draw all the electrical blue prints for the entire village. This is a big answer to prayer and will save us thousands of dollars.

Next steps are:

1. Finish the main entrance.

2. Start on the main road from the entrance going towards the back.

3. Build pad for the office and move it over there.

4. Install first septic system and begin with underground utilities.

These steps of course, will overlap somewhat. There are also many smaller things in between these steps to be done. Please continue to pray for us and that the Lord would allow us to make steady headway on this important project.

I have included a few pictures of the progress below. You can also follow our progress on our Facebook page.

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