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Ministry update 12-15-2022

Detailed Report on Tiny Home Village Construction

Lord continues to bless our construction efforts and we have some good updates about the progress and what the next few months will look like as we move forward. First, the main entrance work is finished. This was a huge step forward and God provided the $60,000 that it took to build it. We are praising God for his provision in that big step. Another big expense that is paid for now is the drain pipes needed for the next step of road building. The pipe expense was $18,000. We were able to order and pay for it all two weeks ago! We have also been able to complete over $17,000 worth of clearing and God has allowed us to pay for that! Thank you Lord, and thank you everyone who has given as God has blessed you.

A big push is coming later this month

On December 26th, we have some great heavy equipment operators coming from out of town to volunteer their time to help us continue building the road system and office pad. We have to install drain pipes, push dirt, grade the roads, and more. Please help us pray that the weather holds out and the ground is not too wet for that week of work. We are praying that we can accomplish much of the work in the front of the property that has to be done.

Here’s what’s needed for December’s work

In order to complete the work in the last week of December, we will need about $60,750. Rock- $16,250

Equipment rental and fuel- $16,500

Wetlands mitigation fee- $28,000

The first five homes

This might be a long shot, but we are asking God to let us be ready for the first homes by March or April. Our goal is five homes. One will be 14x36 and four will be 14x32. We are praying for sponsors who want to sponsor these homes and help us build them out once the shells are delivered and set up. We have determined that the houses will cost about $118 per square foot to complete. Entire homes can be sponsored, or part of a home can be sponsored. We are planning to name each home according to the largest sponsor of the homes. We also plan to recognize those who sponsor a home partially.

Before we can bring the houses in, we will have to complete the road system. We will be able to build a lot of it when the men come after Christmas, but probably not all of it. We plan to start working on the first homes as soon as the road system is complete. Of course, there are many hurdles we need to cross prior to opening the homes to the first program residents. We can, however, be building them while we are working on the other big aspects of the project.

We want to give you a breakdown of the needs so you will know exactly how to pray for this project. Right now, our construction fund balance is about $35,000.

Here’s what’s needed to move in the first homes

Before we can move in the first homes, we will need to build the road going through the center of the property. This stage will cost about $19,750. (We are not figuring the cost of the homes into this equation, only the preparation of the property for the homes to be brought in and set up.)

Rock - $9,750

Dirt work - $10,000

Here’s what’s needed to begin operating the first homes

Finally, in order to begin operating the first homes, we will need several other aspects of the development to come together. We estimate this stage to be about $150,000. Many of these expenses are yet to be determined because we have been unable to obtain quotes or we are still putting together final details. We do have some estimates we can share now, but please bear in mind that this final stage of phase one is still somewhat fluid as far as cost estimations go.

Office- $40,000

Septic systems- $40,000

Electric- TBD

Water- TBD

Fencing, landscaping, etc. - TBD

Security needs- TBD

God has brought us a LONG WAY ALREADY and we are excited to see the first home go in soon so that we can begin our life-changing program at the Village! Please continue to lift us up in your prayers and pray with us specifically that God would provide for all the needs we have listed.

I pray you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year!

God bless,

Travis Sharpe

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