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Ministry update 2-13-2024

Today’s update is from our Philippines ministry, where our team has been hard at work sharing the gospel and helping the homeless people who live on the streets. About three months ago, we shipped several boxes of supplies and they arrived last week. These boxes were full of medicines, socks, clothing, and more.

The over-the-counter medicines are especially helpful because of how expensive those items are to purchase over there. In fact, many families go without basic medicines because they simply cannot afford them. We have seen hundreds of people, children especially, who have developed very serious conditions because a minor cut or scrape was never treated.

Pastor Raul and his wife Rachel, who live in Mindanao, distributed the boxes they received to several area pastors, who then distributed the contents to needy people in their churches and communities. We love this approach because of how it goes through the local churches.

Pastor Ner and his wife Merliza, who lead Unsheltered’s team in the Philippines, are using their boxes in the church, the meal centers, and the rescue center ministry. Help us pray that their use of these items will open a door to share the gospel with the recipients!

On another note, the rescue center, street ministry, and meal center ministries are going well. The team continues to serve some of the most vulnerable members of society each week. 

The woman pictured above is a regular on their route through the city of Bacolod. They always stop to visit with her and give her food. There are many just like her that, even in her old age and failing health, are for the most part alone and still struggle to do some work so that they can have food to eat.

Please remember the Philippines team in your prayers as they love and serve others. 

P.S. Please also pray for our live benefit on March 7th. The Lord has already provided $20,825 in pledges and received donations! For more on this, you can visit

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