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Ministry update 2-27-23

Today's update is about our ministry among some of the most vulnerable people in the Philippines. A few months ago, the team was able to have a new well drilled at the rescue center. This was needed because the water pressure in the neighborhood where the center is located had basically dwindled down to only a trickle. It was hard to even collect enough water for bathing.

All that changed with the addition of the new well and pump. In fact, they recently added actual showers in the center. This was an amazing addition and some of the people from the streets had never used a shower before. Some of them commented that it was "raining" in the bathroom! Many came just to see the showers working.

As the ministry team goes out into the streets of Bacolod City, they take hot soup along with them. Serving the most vulnerable, they share God's love. It's not always easy because the people are sometimes dirty, angry, mentally ill, etc. It can be a real challenge to stay encouraged enough to continue showing mercy on a daily basis. Our team however, depends upon the Lord to give them the strength and grace they need to continue day by day.

For many of these people our team is the only hope they have because no one else wants to speak to them or try to help them. It is a heartbreaking experience to see this first hand and witness the desperation in their faces.

The great thing about ministering to these precious people is knowing that God loves them as much as he loves you and me. The love of God is not deterred by the physical or mental condition. He gave his son Jesus for them the same as he did for everyone else. With that knowledge, the team continues to love, pray for, and witness to everyone they come into contact with.

Please keep pastor and Mrs. Ner and the entire team in your prayers as they do their best to love the unlovable and preach the gospel so that some might come to know the Lord as their savior.

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