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Ministry update 4-8-2024

The Lord really blessed us last week! There were two precious souls who got saved as a result of our team members sharing the gospel with them. One lady and one gentleman. They came for food and clothing, but left with true and lasting hope for their souls. We are thankful for Tim and Jason and their passion to see people come to Christ.

We were also blessed to be able to finish up the grading work around the middle road at the tiny home village. Rock went down, topsoil was added, and grass seed was spread. Now you can help us pray that the seed sprouts and the grass grows in full and thick!

Our big push right now is to get the footers for the new office poured so we can move the modular office on site, and also get the first septic system installed.

We have a generous donor who will match dollar for dollar up to $9,350. This was made available to us to help us pay for the first septic system. You can help us by praying for this amount to be matched quickly so we can order the system to be installed.

We are chipping away at the remaining infrastructure work like power, septic, water, and the office. There is nothing standing in our way right now except funding. We are clear to do the work and all of our permits are good to go! I would greatly appreciate you sharing our vision for this tiny home village with your family and friends. The more people who are praying for this project, the better!

Here is the link to our website with all the information about the village. Feel free to copy and paste this link to your social media!

Thank you for praying with us and following our progress!

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