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Ministry Update 4-9-21

Hey there,

I hope you are doing great today. I've got an update to share with you concerning our tiny-home village project.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to get all of our ducks in a row as far as permits and site plans are concerned. As you know, we had an engineer in Augusta who did our conceptual drawings for us. Those were completed a few weeks ago and now we have moved on the the next step of hiring a local engineering firm here in Cullman to finish everything up.

This firm will finish the site plan, give us erosion control plans, help us through permitting processes with the highway department and the Environmental Management Agency. They will also engineer the septic systems and take care of the permitting required for that through the local health department. Those processes are pretty complex and require professionals to create plans and file all the necessary paperwork. In short, an engineering firm is a must when developing seventeen acres of land as we are doing.

Infrastructure work will begin just as soon as the engineering work is complete and the permits are obtained. The big variable here is the length of time that the permitting takes. Please pray for quick turn-around times for that!

We have a group coming from Landmark Baptist Church in Shelby, NC the week of June 6th. These men are going to remodel the old church building that we purchased and get it ready to be the maintenance facility. Please pray for them as they raise funds for their trip to Cullman.

Please also pray that the engineering work will be completed in a timely fashion and that the Lord continues to provide the needed funds for this great project. The engineering costs alone are several thousand dollars. Many people have asked why it is taking a while to get started building the homes. The simple answer is that we are committed to an excellent project and we are going through all the proper channels and doing it correctly! We are developing a supportive housing community that will help people until Jesus returns. Excellence takes a little longer but is well worth the wait!

As always, you can respond to this email with questions or words of encouragement. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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