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The Big Reveal!

Dear friend,

Time sure does fly! It seems like just yesterday that we were dreaming of starting a new ministry to bring help and hope to the homeless. Now, ten years later, here we are celebrating our anniversary.

One thing is for certain, we would not be here today without the blessings of our Lord and the generosity of our supporters. I want to thank you for every prayer that you have prayed on our behalf, every donation you have sent our way, and every time you have told a friend about our ministry. I am humbled and grateful for your involvement and your generosity. To celebrate this milestone, we have re-branded with new logo's, all new printed materials, a new website, and new colors in our branding. I hope you will find it all refreshing and easier to navigate.

Click here to see our new and improved website. You can also view our new rebranding on our Facebook page. We would love to hear feedback of what you think about the new Unsheltered.

As always, we are striving to please the Lord with our service and preach the gospel while helping those who are down and out. I would appreciate your continued prayers and support as we press onward in this great calling!

Many blessings,

Travis Sharpe

P.S. Out with the old, in with the new! Make sure to visit our online apparel store and get your new Unsheltered gear! Click on to order today!

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