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Update on the village 9-24-21

We were blessed to have a great group of men with us this week from Thomson, GA. Led by brother Johnny Rockefellar, this team worked all day long on Wednesday installing ship-lap in the model home.

Not only did they do the install, they also purchased all the material and brought it with them. They raised the money, were able to buy at a discounted rate, and sacrificed their time, traveling five hours to get the job done! I'm sure they were all wore out by the time they got home.

They also brought and installed the bathroom door. Now we are ready to seal the walls and ceiling with sealant. After that, we will trim out the electrical and then install the flooring and cabinets.

We are thankful for Johnny, Brian, Jay, and Johnathan for making the trip and working hard to be a blessing to our ministry. Groups like this save us thousands of dollars and are always a joy to have around.

Where we are now

We had to have some additional surveying done on our main property and that started last week. As soon as they finish that, the engineers will resume their site plan work. When the site plans are completed, we can get our environmental permit and our septic permits. When those permits are in hand, we can begin clearing the land and building roads.

Phase one estimated cost is $343,000 and we have raised $138,148. That leaves an additional $204,852 needed for phase one. Please help us pray for the remaining needs so that there are no delays in construction as we get going.

As always, we appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to strive to provide help and hope to the unsheltered around the world all while showing them the love of Christ.

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