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Ministry Update 2-25-22

Earlier this week, I told you about our new outreach specialist, Tim Klein, and how he had worked with a local pastor in an effort to help someone. Today, I wanted to share some pictures from their weekend at church.

The pastor, Tim Collier, called us because he had become involved with a young man who was homeless. Pastor Tim was looking for some guidance in the appropriate way to proceed and get the best help for the young man. I sent Tim Klein out to help and the Lord really began to bless the combined efforts of our two ministries.

With a little help and encouragement, we were able to provide some emergency shelter for a couple days while some more permanent housing was being found. Then, on Sunday, Tim Klein had the privilege of attending church and participating in the baptism of the young man they were ministering to. The first picture is the the young man hugging Tim Klein, while the second picture is him hugging the pastor.

It was a real good day for everyone involved. Just seeing the thankfulness and gratitude coming from someone who has been struggling so much is a blessing to me. We have the great joy of not only helping with things such as food and housing, but with the most important thing, spiritual matters.

We put a high emphasis on evangelism and discipleship because we believe that a close relationship with Christ is not only good, but vital. If a person has Christ, and nothing else, he can make it. If he has everything, but not Christ, he will be lost for all of eternity.

Please keep this young man in your prayers because this is only the beginning of a very long journey for him. Please pray also for all of those who are in need of a helping hand from the Lord himself.

Please also be in prayer for our upcoming live fundraiser. God is blessing in great ways already and we are thankful for his provision!

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