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Tiny Home Village Update

I hope this update finds you doing great. Things are moving along quite well in all of our ministries. In fact, after our Bible study yesterday morning, Savannah led a lady to Christ. Please pray for Natasha as she begins her walk with the Lord.

As you may already know, we are building our tiny-home village for the unsheltered completely debt free. We started this journey three years ago by purchasing seventeen wooded acres that were basically a jungle! With lots of steady work by volunteers and contractors, we are closer now than we have ever been!

We recently finished up $120,000 worth of work on the phase one roads and building pads. This was a huge step for us and we were able to once again pay for this step when it was completed. We thank the Lord for the ability to be where we are today on this project.

With that being said, we are back at basically zero funds in the construction account. With much work ready to be done, we need to raise additional capital in order to continue.

As the funds come in, I want to share with you the next steps we will be taking. Please note that these are the “big picture” steps and there are many smaller ones in between them or that go along with them.

  1. Finish the phase one cul-de-sac and parking areas. We will need a few more loads of dirt and expertise to finish this up. Thankfully, it’s not too much.

  2. Rock the phase one roads. As of now, most of the new road system is still dirt without any rock. It’s important that we get the rock down in a timely manner so that the roads don’t erode when we have heavy rainfall.

  3. Move the office in and begin the remodel. We have a nice office building but it has to be moved to the village property and then there is some remodeling to do inside and outside. The biggest hurdle on this is obtaining the state permit to have it set up. Please pray this will happen soon.

  4. Electrical infrastructure. This will be a big step. There has never been electrical service on this property so we have to install everything needed.

  5. Install the first two septic systems. Another big step.

  6. Bring in the first homes. We can move in the first three homes right now if we had the available funds to do so. However, that would be a bit like getting the cart before the horse at this point. The electric and sewer are vital pieces of the puzzle in order to be able to house people in the homes.

The great news is that we have been able to save thousands and thousands of dollars through generous volunteer labor, discounted labor, and gifts-in-kind. For example, a church group from North Carolina came and remodeled our shop for us. That alone was a savings of over fifty thousand dollars!

Please be in prayer that the Lord would once again fill our construction fund up so that the work can continue!

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