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Update from the Philippines

We have been so blessed as of recent in our Philippines ministry. Just in these past few months we have served 3,940 meals throughout the meal centers, visited and served meals to 553 people through the street ministry, and have seen 39 people accept Christ!

We are so thankful for every single person that has come to know the Lord through the meal centers, street ministry, and rescue center.

This past month, the rescue center has been undergoing much needed construction. They have redone the entire roof amongst many other small things that needed to be fixed. We even added a well system in the month of August for a better water flow to the showers, so that all four of them can have good pressure while running at the same time.

This was very much needed because of the rising attendance we have been having each week at the rescue center. We are extremely grateful to Pastor and Mrs. Ner, and our entire Philippines team for their hard work and dedication to God’s work. Please continue to help us pray for them and this amazing ministry.

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